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[WEEK 7] Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 4 (Result & Online Voting)

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Poll is started now, you can vote and save your favourite contestant from this week’s elimination. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is going crazy with high TRPs. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss house.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu voting process has been started now you can vote for “Most Loved” contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 here. The audience thought that the Big Boss 4 may not be started due to the covid-19 spread all over in India, but the Big Boss team surprised all of them by releasing Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Promo.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote – Weekly Survey

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Guess the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Title Winner

According to you who will become the Big boss 4 title Winner, Vote now and see the Opinion of Public.

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Abhijeet, Avinash, and Sohal have a high chance of making their way to Top 3 in Big boss.

House. AkhilLasyaAriyana are fighting for their spot in the Top 5. Gangavva saved Akhil from 5th week’s elimination before leaving Big boss House.  In addition, Akhil is very close to Gangavva, who quit the show due to health issues. There are high chances that Gangavva fans consultation to vote for Akhil.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 – Weekly Elimination and Nomination List

Nomination and Eliminated list of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu – updated each week.

WeeksNominated MembersEliminated Member
WEEK 1 Divi, Mehboob, Sujatha, Gangavva, Abhijeet, Surya Kiran, Akhil SarthakSurya Kiran
WEEK 2Amma Rajashekar, Abhijeet, Gangavva, Syed Sohel, Monal Gujjar, Kalyani, Harika, Noel Sean, Kumar Sai.
WEEK 3Lasya, Devi Nagavalli, Harika, Monal, Kumar Sai, Ariyana, MehboobDevi Nagavalli
WEEK 4Syed Sohail, Swathi, Harika, Gangavva, Abhijeet, Kumar Sai, LasyaSwathi Deekshit
WEEK 5Sujatha, Monal, Ariyana, Abhijeet, Noel Sean, Lasya, Akhil, Amma Rajsekhar, Mehboob.Sujatha, Gangavva (left the big boss house due to health matters)
WEEK 6Divi, Monal, Abhijeet, Ariyana, Noel Sean, Lasya, Akhil, Amma Rajsekhar, Kumar Sai.
Kumar Sai
WEEK 7Divi, Monal, Abhijeet, Ariyana, Noel Sean, AvinashUpdated Soon

Voting Numbers of Nominated Contestants

  • To Vote Abhijeet, Give Missed Call to 8886658204
  • To Vote Avinash, Give Missed Call to 8886658218
  • To Vote Noel Sean, Give Missed Call to 8886658213
  • To Vote Monal Gajjar, Give Missed Call to 8886658201
  • To Vote Divi Vadthya, Give Missed Call to 8886658214
  • To Vote Ariyana Glory, Give Missed Call to 8886658210

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Favorite Host

Big Boss Telugu 7th week voting

Meanwhile, the nomination process for the 7th week of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 took place on Monday. Six participants have been nominated to be sent out of the house this week. Big Boss announced the couples and, the nomination process was carried out.

  • Akhil-Monal
  • Harika-Abhijit
  • Sohail-Avinash
  • Divi-lasya
  • Mehboob-Ariana

A total of six nominees have been shortlisted for the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Season (Bigg Boss 4 Telugu) house-to-house nomination process. Noel, Monal Ghajjar, Abhijit, Ariana Glory, Avinash, and Divi are Nominated for this week. Big Boss Telugu vote is now possible Click here.

At the same time, Abhijeet is nominated for the fourth Successive weeks. AriyanaMonalDiviNoel are nominated for the second successive weeks. Avinash eventually nominated 1st time for eviction.

Although Noel is the House’s captain in 7th week, as part of the Amitumi Task Deal, Noel nominated directly this week. Amma Rajasekhar was saved from elimination this week for completing Half-shaved His Head & Beard deal on Sunday.

Big Boss 7th week Nominations

Abhijeet and Harika – Abhijeet nominated for this week.

Avinash and Sohel – Avinash got nominated for this week.

Ariyana and Mehaboob – Ariyana and chose to get nominated for this week.

Akhil and Monal – Monal nominated for this week.

Divi and Lasya – Divi got nominated for this week.

Noel – Noel nominated for this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Show Bigg Boss Telugu (Season 4)
Show Host Akkineni Nagarjuna
Contestants Given Here
WINNER Updated Soon
Release Date 3rd October 2020
Timing 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Channel Star Maa
No. of Contestants 19
No. of Days 105
Prize Money Rs. 50 Lakh
Language Telugu
Genre Reality Television Show
Streaming Partners Hotstar
Official Voting Method Through Call and Hotstar App

Big Boss 4 Telugu one for the higher viewership show as started on the 6 September 2020. The host of Bigg Boss 4 is also hosted the previous session Bigg Boss 3, none other than Nagarjuna. Big Boss four will be broadcast on Star Maa TV at 9:30 from Monday to  Friday and 9 o’clock on Saturday and Sunday.  Has the nomination process has been started? Many people are searching to know which contestant is in safe zone and danger zone.  Many people are willing to know how to vote in Bigg Boss 4 for their favourite contestant. The complete detailed information about Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote is here Click Now.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants

1Abhijeet Actor
2Akhil SarthakActor
3LasyaTelevision Presenter
4DiviFilm Actress, Model
5MonalFilm Actress, Model
6HarikaInternet Celebrity
7Noel SeanPlayback Singer, Actor
8Ariyana GloryTV Anchor & Internet Celebrity
9Syed SohelActor
10MehboobActor, YouTuber & Dancer
11GangavvaInternet Celebrity
12Devi NagavalliJournalist, Reporter, News Presenter
13Amma RajsekharFilm Director & Actor
14SujathaJournalist, Reporter, News Presenter
15Surya KiranFilm Actress
16Karate KalyaniFilm Actress
17Kumar Sai (Wild Card)Comedian
18Mukku Avinash (Wild Card)stand-up comedian, actor and mimicry artist
19Swathi Deekshit (Wild Card)Indian actress

How to vote in Big Boss Telugu Voting

Well lovely views, thinking on how to vote for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. We came with complete details of Bigg Boss for voting online, which can be done through Disney-Plus-Hotstar app or through To know more information, refer to the below article

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting ThroughPhone 

Viewers can vote by phone by dialing the number of your favourite contestant. Click here to know the voting numbers of all contestants. The maximum limit is 10 calls per day. 

Complete list of voting numbers of contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Disney+ Hotstar app.

 Another way you can vote is by Disney Plus Hotstar app.

  1. Open the Disney Plus Hotstar app by downloading in respective app stores.
  2. Once the app is opened, search Bigg Boss 4 Telugu in the search bar provided at the top.
  3. After clicking on Bigg Boss 4, open any one episode to see the voting option below Video. Nowcast your vote for your favourite contestant; keep in mind that the maximum votes per day are only 10.

 Big Boss Vote through Website

If you are using Laptop or Computer where we can’t download the Hotstar app, then you can vote through the Website.

Step 1: Open the Hotstar website on your computer or laptop by browsing for

Step 2: Loggin to account by providing email or phone number or through Google or Facebook.

Step 3: Search for Bigg Boss Telugu in the search bar.

Step 4: Now, Select any episode below which you see the vote now button. Nominated participants will be presented on your screen, along with their Images.

Step 5: Now, simply click your favorite consistent ( Maximum ten votes per day).

Bigg Boss Winners of Every Season

Here is the complete list of bigg boss winners of each season.

Bigg Boss Telugu SeasonWinner NameRunner up
Season 1Siva BalajiAadarsh Balakrishna
Season 2Kaushal MandaGeetha Madhuri
Season 3Vindu SinghSreemukhi
Season 4Click HereUpdated soon

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestants Remuneration

#ContestantWeekly Earnings
1Abhijeet Rs 4 lakhs per week
2Akhil SarthakRs 2 lakhs per week
3LasyaRs 7 lakh per week
4DiviRs 2 lakhs per week
5MonalRs 4 lakhs per week
6HarikaRs 2 lakhs per week
7Noel SeanRs 7 lakh per week
8Ariyana GloryRs 2 lakhs per week
9Syed SohelRs 2.5 lakh per week
10MehboobRs 2 lakh per week
11GangavvaRs 3 lakhs per week
12Devi NagavalliRs 3 lakhs per week
13Amma RajsekharRs 4 lakh per week
14SujathaRs 2 lakhs per week
15Surya KiranRs 3 lakh per week
16Karate KalyaniRs 3 lakh per week
17Kumar Sai (Wild Card)Rs 2.8 lakh per week
18Mukku Avinash (Wild Card)Rs 7 to 8 lakh per week
19Swathi Deekshit (Wild Card)Rs 3 lakhs per week

Who is big boss voice in telugu?

Shankar, who is dubbing artist by profession, gives the voice of Telugu Bigg Boss. Due to his deep voice, everyone is curious to know who will voice of Bigg Boss Telugu.

 He also worked as a dubbing artist in movies like Sye Narasimha Reddy and Yatra.

Why Big Boss is so famous in India

According to psychologists, everyone has a curiosity to know what’s happening in others’ lives; that’s one of the reasons for the huge success of Bigg Boss.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Rahul sipligunj is the title winner of the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Before Bigg Boss, very few numbers know about Rahul sipligunj. Bigg Boss Telugu brought him a huge fan following in the Telugu States.

Who is eliminated Bigg Boss Telugu today

Please go through the big boss Telugu poll Above to understand who will be eliminated this week. Click Here

Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 (2020)?

Still, Big Boss 4 is Not yet Completed. You can go through the poll we conducted on our website to know the public pulse. The winner of Bigg Boss 4 will be announced on the last day of Big Boss. 

What’s the remuneration of Nagarjuna for Big Boss Telugu

If rumours are to be believed, Nagarjuna is getting Rs 16 crore per episode to host Bigg Boss Telugu. It may be shocking but, Nagarjuna completes Shooting of both Saturday and Sunday episode in a single day.


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