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Anthony Reeves (TikTok Star) Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family, Biography & More

Anthony Reeves

Anthony Reeves, also known as “Luvan Thony,” is a very famous TikTok star and social media influencer worldwide. At this young age, he has achieved many things that every person used to dream of in their life.

He has got more than 10 million active followers on his Tiktok account alone by publishing duet and lip-synch videos. The start was never easy for him as a TikToker, but his dedication to the content made it possible for him to achieve the landmark. Besides Tiktok, he used to publish content on his Instagram account with a considerable amount of followers.

If you type about Anthony Reeves videos on YouTube, you will find tons of videos on the YouTube search results with thousands of viewership. It means that people are in love with his content and never waste any chance to miss it.

Apart from that, his beautiful lifestyle and handsome personality made it easier for him to attain most female followership on his social media accounts. There are very few people who have the most female fans, and he is the one lucky person among them.

Anthony Reeves

Anthony Reeves Age

How Old is Anthony Reeves? As per the details, Anthony Reeves will turn 20 years old in 2021. His birthplace is Ashland, Kentucky, USA. However, his birthday is November 7, 2001. If we talk about his Zodiac sign, so it’s Scorpio. There are no details available about his school or college, but his recent qualification is graduation.

The ethnicity of Anthony reeves is Caucasian; however, he is Christian by religion.

Height and Personal Appearance

Anthony Reeves

Anthony Reeves is 5 ft 11 inches in height and as per the resources, his weight is around 75KG. He has a chest size of 34 inches along with 9(US) shoe sizes.

Moreover, he has dark brown hair and eyes color. If we talk about his nationality, so it’s American.

Anthony Reeves Family

Anthony Reeves’s mother’s name is Lisa; however, his father’s name Is not available on the internet. Apart from that, he has three brothers, which makes the entire family of 6 members. He has not talked much about his family in the public gathering or anywhere else.

Also, the media and fans never get the chance to reveal anything about them. As per the details, his father is a successful businessman. On the other hand, his mother is a housewife. If we talk about his brothers, so they tend to appear on his profile posts. However, none of them are as famous as Anthony reeves on the social media platform.

Anthony Reeves GirlFriend/Dating

Anthony Reeves Dating life is not hidden in the media and fans. He started dating Avani Gregg in the year 2020. IF we talk about her girlfriend, so she is also a Tiktok and Instagram star. In the current times, his girlfriend has more than 30 million active followers on her Tiktok account. She used to upload Transition, makeup, dancing, challenges, and comedy-type videos on her Official account.

Apart from Avani Gregg, there is no other girlfriend who comes into the life of Anthony Reeves. Also, he aims to make this dating life into a permanent relationship that is marriage. We hope to see them married one day in the future.

Anthony Reeves with his Girlfriend Avani Gregg
Anthony Reeves with his Girlfriend Avani Gregg
Anthony Reeves Girlfriend
Anthony Reeves Girlfriend

Anthony Reeves Net worth

According to the resources, Anthony Reeves’s net worth is around $400,000. The young star has nearly 11 million active followers to upload Videos and sponsored content. Therefore, a hefty amount of money does come from this platform.

Apart from that, He has around 5 million followers on Instagram, More than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, and around 2 million followers on Twitter. Combining all these stats makes it easy for Anthony to earn through sponsored posts, deals, endorsements, and Ad revenue.

Apart from that, he also has collaboration deals with entertainment and product brands around the world. Therefore, he also earns a hefty amount of money from there.

Anthony Reeves

Early life and Career

The journey started from Instagram back in 2016, where he used to post-normal photos of himself with friends. However, the idea of Tiktok comes into the mind when he first heard about it from a friend. The short-term video, along with music, becomes an interesting and outstanding thing for him. From there, he planned to create a TikTok account.

The initial stages were not easier for him like anyone else. However, he never put down his belief and hard work and continuously posting short-term videos of different categories. Luckily, some of his videos got viral and gave him a breakthrough that he was looking for a long time.

From there, the increase of followers never stopped, and he now comes to the place where around 11 million people watch his videos every time he uploads them. After that, he also planned to run his Instagram and YouTube channel, so he started working on that. Luckily, the response there was also outstanding, and it becomes possible for him to attract a considerable amount of followers there.

Now, he comes in the list of Top Tiktok Followers for America. Also, he got the chance to become a member of the sway house where popular TikTok stars like Bryce hall and griffin Johnson are already there.

Finally, he also becomes the representative of Major entertainment companies and brands and promotes their product and services on his official accounts. The Young Star hopes to become the top Actor in the entire world and is working hard to achieve his goal.

Anthony Reeves
Anthony Reeves

Facts of Anthony Reeves

  • His Favorite Actor is Tom Cruise.
  • His Favorite Actress is Jennifer Lawrence.
  • He loves Pizza and pasta a lot.
  • Traveling and watching films are his most common Hobbies.
  • He loves purple color.
  • He always loves to meet and interact with his fans.


Once the two Sway house members got arrested due to the drug-related issue, the other sway house members, including Anthony, posted about being humiliated and harassed by the people. Things got worse, and they had to face a lot of backlash from the fan’s side.

Even though Anthony was not directly linked in the issue, he was the member; he has to face all this. Later, the issue got to resolve.

Apart from that, there is no major issue or controversy about Anthony Reeves on the internet, which clearly states that he is focused on his career.

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