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If you have listened to “Go away” and “Lost” on youtube or mobile phone, then you would know Halia Beamer. Although singing is not the primary reason for her popularity, she is now well-known as a music artist.

In general, Halia Beamer is a well-known Social media influence, and Tiktok starts famous in the world due to her lip-sync and comedic videos on Tiktok. However, she also started singing and releases her songs on the internet after getting fame.

Things were not as easier for Halia Beamer when she entered into the Tiktok Platform. In the initial stages, she has to create super compelling and unique videos every day to attain viewers’ response. It was not easy, but she never gives up. That’s the primary reason she is now successful in the social media industry and groomed her singing career.

The work ethics of Halia Beamer is outstanding. She has a unique approach to every task she does in her life. Also, the people around her appreciate the same positive attributes of her life regarding her work.

Halia Beamer

Halia Beamer Age

How old is Halia Beamer? As of 2021, Halia Beamer will turn 16 years old. She was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii; however, her birthday is April 4, 2005. The Birth Sign of Halia Beamer is Aries. As per the details, she joined homeschooling after studying in an elementary school.

She is an American national with mixed ethnicity, and her religion is Christianity.

Besides that, she has a very charming and extraordinary personality. She is good at building a relationship with anyone. Whether it’s about her close friends or Fans, she loves to treat all of them beautifully. The same thing has also been mentioned by those fans who got the chance to meet her in public.

Halia Beamer

Height & Personal appearance

Halia Beamer is around 4 feet and 3 inches in height and is approximately 45 Kg in weight. Her body measurements are approximately 26-25-34 inches, along with 5(US) shoe sizes.

Halia Beamer has Blonde Hair color and Hazel Eye color. Meanwhile, her skin tone is white. The majority of the fans love her appearance, and all these attributes play an essential role in it.

Halia Beamer Family

Halia Beamer Mother’s name is Beth beamer, and his father’s name is Alik’a Beamer. She has three elder brothers Kahia’u beamer, Laake’a beamer, and Kana’i beamer. In general, she is the only sister sibling in the family.

In general, none of the male’s side of his family is active on the social media platform. Therefore, it clearly shows that they are not interested in being in the Limelight of Social media. However, her mother does have an Instagram account with a handsome following, and she used to post personal activities on her account.

The family terms are good as she used to post about them on her official social media accounts. In a statement, she also tells the public that she is the most pampered child of her parents due to her being younger in the family.

Halia Beamer Boyfriend/ Dating

Halia Beamer is the TikToker who never appears on the news for dating or boyfriend type of news. It would be possible that she is not interested in being in a relationship and focusing on her career. Else, it’s also possible that she is very young, and it doesn’t make any sense to be in any relationship as of now.

She is magnificent and has an attractive appearance. Therefore, we would expect that she will get the love of her life one day at the right time in the future.

Halia Beamer Net Worth

According to the resources, Halia Beamer’s net worth is more than $300,000. However, it will rise to approximately $400,000 by the end of 2021. She has a considerable amount of followers on Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms. Therefore, a massive amount of money she earns is possible from the social media accounts where she does sponsor posts to promote brands, products, and services.

Halia Beamer


She is using the TikTok platform since 2016 or before that when it’s well-known as musical.ly. Even she posted on her Instagram about a musical.ly made the video to promote the app and give others awareness about this app. Hence, we would expect that she is working on it for a long time.

Things were never more accessible for her to establish a successful career. However, her unstoppable hard work and dedication have made it possible for her to get to the point where more than 7 million active followers are available only on her Tiktok Account.

After achieving the huge milestone on Tiktok, she also started gaining followers on her Instagram account. At the current time, she is near to attain approximately 1 million active followers on her official Instagram account, which is a fantastic thing.

Besides that, she is also a talented singer. Hence, she also released two songs that we talked about in the introduction part of this article. It’s not like people love her songs due to her social media following. The TikTok star does have a good voice, and she is also aiming to become a successful singer in the future.

In the last, she is also getting brand deals and endorsements from entertainment companies. Therefore, we would also expect her chances of getting successful in other entertainment niches.

Facts about Halia Beamer

  1. Halia Beamer is of Filipino and Irish Origin.
  2. Visiting the Universal studios is her dream that she is aiming to achieve as soon as possible.
  3. She loves to eat Cesar Salad.
  4. She used to post about DIY slimes on her official account.
  5. Blue is her favorite color
  6. Will Smith is her favorite Actor.
  7. Lady Gaga is her favorite Singer.
  8. Singing and Travelling is her favorite part of life.


Once, Halia Beamer uploaded a video on Musical.ly by using TY Dolla’s audio sign in her video. After that, people started criticizing her activity of using someone else intellectual property. However, she didn’t come out to respond to it. Apart from that, she has never been into any major controversy in her entire life.

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