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Mads Lewis (TikTok Star) Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Biography & More

Mads Lewis

Mads Lewis or Madison is a popular personality on the Internet known as an American Social media star and Actress. She became well-known in public by posting Lip-sync videos on TikTok, where she attained a lot of viewership.

Mads Lewis didn’t earn all this fame in a single day. It’s the entire hard process that she has to travel along with hardship and difficulties. However, the result has made all those Hurdles worth it for her.

She started using TikTok at the time when it’s well-known as Slowly she started gaining a huge amount of response from the platform and comes on the list of most popular TikTok stars from America.

Mads Lewis

After gaining Popularity, she appeared on a web series and has worked with other major projects side by side. She is working hard to make it to the Hollywood industry that seems like a possible dream for her in the current time.

Mads Lewis Age

How old is Mads Lewis? According to the resources, Mads Lewis will turn 19 years old in 2021. Her birthplace is Arizona, while her birthdate is December 24, 2002. If we talk about her Zodiac sign, so it’s Capricorn. The educational background tells us that she is homeschooled. However, she is pursuing a degree in mass-communication and journalism from Louisiana state university.

Mads Lewis Childhood Photo
Mads Lewis Childhood Photo

Apart from that, she loves minimized status, music, quality craftsmanship, and Traditions. Moreover, she loves to be like the responsible family member who takes care of everything that comes on her shoulder.

Height and Personal Appearance

Mads Lewis is 5 feet 3 inches in height. she lives a very healthy lifestyle where she eats healthy food, and the timings are also strict. Due to these reasons, she has maintained a 55 KG weight. The body measurement is approximately 34-26-35, while 33C is the Bra cup size. Moreover, she wears 7(US) shoe sizes.

If we talk about her appearance, so it’s pretty much bold and hot. She has blonde hair with beautiful hazel color Eyes.

Mads Lewis


Mads Lewis has a very happy and supportive family who has become the major reason for her success on the internet. Mads lewis’s mother’s name is Tiffany Lewis, while her father’s name is Steve Lewis. Apart from that, she has a Brother, “Dakota,” and a sister “Riley.”

If we talk about her parents’ professions, so her mother is a fashion designer, and her father is a Construction worker.

The reason she appears in a hot and dashing style with her apparel might be the major influence of her mother due to her fashion designer background. However, we have never seen her entire family using Social media platforms and attaining the same followership amount. Therefore, she is the only one in the family who has the interest and made many active followers.

Mads Lewis BoyFriend/Dating

The love life of Mads Lewis is never personal on the internet. She doesn’t have only one relationship status in her life.

For the first time, she started dating Charles Gitnick, an Instagram star with huge followership. He is famous for the artistic work he used to do in the 3D anti-gun. He started selling his art from Venice beach that later got into demand in the art scene of New york. Moreover, he also works on international exhibitions in different countries. Unluckily, the relationship of Mads lewis and Charles Gitnick stands for a long, and they broke up after one year of togetherness.

After a month or two, Mads lewis was seen in pictures and videos with Jaden Hossler. Due to the same reasons, the news appeared of their relationship in the media and fans. Surprisingly, the young star confirmed the news, and they are happily Dating to date.

IF we talk about Jaden Hossler, he is also a TikTok star with more than 9 million active followers. He tends to post Dance and Comedic videos that has become the major reason for his popularity.

Mads Lewis with her Boyfriend Jaden Hossler
Mads Lewis with her Boyfriend Jaden Hossler

Mads Lewis Net worth

As per the resources, Mads Lewis Net worth is more than $200,000 as of 2021. The young star earned a huge amount of money from Brand Deals, Endorsements, Sponsored posts, and collaborations with major brands.

Moreover, she also has a Youtube Channel where she tends to upload videos, so a considerable amount of earning comes from the YouTube ad revenue.


Before fame, she used to make videos for fun on, which is now well-known as Tiktok. The fun doing activity soon becomes a major account with a considerable amount of followers. Mads lewis started taking it seriously and uploading different types of content in a unique way and good quality.

The consistency made it possible for her to earn a huge amount of followership, where she was now entertaining more than 11 million active followers on Tiktok personal account.

After getting a huge amount of fame, she started taking an interest in Instagram and created a Youtube Channel. Her Instagram fan following is more than 6 million, while the youtube subscribers are more than 500,000.

Combining all of them will easily generate a huge amount of income for her, which is amazing. From childhood, she wants to become an actress. Therefore, she is now working on achieving the goal. Luckily, she already started her acting career by appearing in the “Chicken Girls” web series in a leading role.

Interesting Facts About Mads Lewis

  1. She calls her Fan’s babes.
  2. Shawn Mendes Lyrics are her favorite.
  3. Her dream is to appear in the Marvel superhero cast.
  4. She doesn’t want herself to be called famous.
  5. She is an avid pet lover.Mads Lewis with her Pet Dog
  6. Mads Lewis loves to meet her fans and try to interact with them.


Once, Mads lewis has to face many backlashes after one of her controversies revealed from the hater’s side on the internet. In general, she has posted about the term “Blackfishing,” which commonly refers to all those non-black people who are altering their appearances with the help of editing tools. After facing the backlash, the young star made an apology on the internet.

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