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Blake Gray is a well-known Social media personality and Tiktok Star who belongs to America. He becomes popular because of Tiktok, where he used to publish Lip sync, Dancing, comedic, and other videos.

Apart from Tiktok, he is also well-known in public after appearing for the DigiTourSlaybells 2015 and joining the MeetandGreet.Me Touring Group. Both of these events were top-notch; therefore, he has got a tremendous amount of support and popularity out of it.

His outgoing and fun type personality is the main attribute of his popularity regardless of whatever he has done or doing in his life. Being a fun and an outgoing person doesn’t mean that he takes all of the things for granted. He has to work hard and dedicatedly to come to this stage where a massive amount of people do know him with his work. It’s like a huge roller-coaster ride he has to travel to go at this stage.

Blake Gray Age/Biography

How old is Blake Gray? Blake Gray has turned 20 years old in 2021. He was born and raised in Cypress, Texas. However, his birthday is January 9, 2001. The birth sign of Blake Gray is Capricorn. He has Attended Tompkins High school for his initial studies and now studying at the University of Houston Athletics.

Apart from that, he has mixed ethnicity, American nationality, and is Christian.

Blake Gray Childhood Photo
Blake Gray Childhood Photo

Blake Gray’s personality is already appealing that led him to this stage. However, his compelling and unique videos also play an essential role in the process. Ever since he created his account of Tiktok, the following is keep increasing and didn’t go down at all.

Height and Physical Appearance

Blake Gray is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches in height. The body measurement of this young TikTok star is 42-32-38 inches along with 8.5(US) Shoe size. In the end, Blake is approximately 58 KG in weight.

Blake Gray has Brown hair color, Dark Brown Eyes, and White Skin Tone. These attributes make him a very handsome person on and off the screen.

Blake Gray Family

Blake Gray’s mother’s name is Courtney; however, his father’s name is Ronnie. His parent’s professional details are not mentioned anywhere, but we would expect that his father is a job or business person and her mother is a housewife.

If we talk about his siblings, he has an elder brother named Austin. He has mentioned that he has become a nice person in different interviews by looking up his elder brother. On the other hand, he does consider his mother as the hero in his life.

Blake Gray with his Father and Brother
Blake Gray with his Father and Brother

Besides that, Blake gray has a very outstanding term with his family members. We can easily see it by considering the interviews and all other places where he has always adored his family support and sacrifices to come at this stage. Without them, he would not be on this stage at all.

Blake Gray GirlFriend/Dating

Blake Gray has a very handsome personality and dashing looks. Therefore, nobody would ever expect that he would never be in any relationship. We have found that he has been in a relationship with two notable personalities.

In January 2018, a news circulated about his Dating life with Elle Daejeon. She is basically from New Orleans and is a well-known dancer of the U.S. Surprisingly; She is the part of North West Florida ballet for six consecutive years. Apart from that, many other notable recognition and awards she has attained throughout her career. Apart from Dancing, she is also a good singer. On top of that, she has hot looks that made her popularity list filled with male fans. Sadly, Elle and Blake broke up in the same year without any prior reasons.

After that, Blake Gray Started Dating Olivia Occhigrossi from 2018 to 2019. In general, Olivia has won the Miss Teen America 2018, and it’s the primary reason for her popularity on the internet. Most people do know her as the Pageant contestant.

Currently, Blake Gray is in a relationship with Amelie Zilber, a model, Political activist, and social media influencer. She has more than 2 million active followers on the Instagram account. Meanwhile, the same platform is used mostly for highlighting and educating about politics to the audience. Luckily, both are on good terms together and have not broken up until now.

Blake Gray with his Girlfriend Amelie Zilber
Blake Gray with his Girlfriend Amelie Zilber

Blake Gray Net Worth

Blake Gray’s net worth has reached approximately $2M. However, it’s expected that the net worth will rise by the end of 2021. Majority of his earning comes primarily from the social media accounts where he has millions of followers.

He has ideal looks and has several Modeling Gigs that would generate a considerable income for him. Meanwhile, he is earning a huge amount from sponsored posts, Endorsements, brand deals, etc.


Before fame, he used to be a broadcaster on YouNow back in 2015. Meanwhile, he is a sports enthusiast and is also seen playing basketball, football, and baseball.

After TikTok launched, he started making videos on it when the platform becomes popular in the whole world. Like anyone else, he has to work hard by creating unique and compelling content. Due to these reasons, he has attained more than 9 million followers on the TikTok account.

After getting fame on Tiktok, he created an account on other platforms and started sharing content there. Luckily, other accounts showed positive results to him.

With millions of followers on his social media accounts, he got brand deals, sponsored posts, endorsements, and a chance to join and perform in major events worldwide.

Currently, he is working hard to raise his following on Tiktok and other Social media platforms to come to the eyes of Film Directors to launch him on a significant project in the future.

Facts about Blake Gray

  1. He has dated Three Notable Personalities.
  2. Blake began his career at YouNow in 2015.
  3. He is an avid pet lover.
  4. Spain is on his favorite holiday destination list.
  5. He loves sports.
  6. Travelling and Photography are his favorite hobbies.
  7. He loves Spanish cuisine.
  8. Black is his favorite color.
  9. He is very good friend of fellow tiktoker Noah Beck.


Blake gray once come into the controversial limelight for breaking the SOPs when he and Bryce hall has organized a birthday party amid a Pandemic situation. Also, they have saved themselves by the references to not get into jail.

Apart from that, Blake gray has never been into any other controversial activity in his entire career.

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