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Miranda Cooper is a very sweet and charming personality who got famous on TikTok by posting her dancing and acting skills videos. The young star is suffering from the Holt-Oram syndrome, which is a genetic condition. In this syndrome, Upper limb abnormalities are the major issues that happen with a person.

Despite this issue, she never let herself down in any condition and work hard to achieve whatever she wanted in her life. The infectious energy and positive outlook have become her major support to achieve the milestone of millions of followers on TikTok.

Miranda Cooper Age

How old is Miranda Cooper? Miranda Cooper will turn 22 years old in 2021. Her birthday is November 28, 1999, while her birthplace is the United States of America. If we talk about her zodiac sign, so it’s Sagittarius. However, the education details of Miranda cooper are not available on the internet.

Miranda Cooper belongs to a Christian Religion, while her ethnicity is mixed.

Miranda Cooper has a loyal, Sophisticated, and independent personality. According to her close friends, she has unique and artistic work ethics that’s the major reason for her popularity in the whole world. If we see her content, so there is a lot of hard work and dedication that can be seen that she is doing for a long time.

Miranda Cooper

Height & Personal appearance

How tall is Miranda Cooper? Miranda cooper weighs around 45 KG. She wears 5(US) shoe sizes; however, her height is around 4 feet 8 inches. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Miranda Cooper

Miranda Cooper Family

Despite facing Holt-Oram syndrome, her family has been the continuous support for everything she does on the internet. The family details are not available on the internet; however, she has a mother and father alive. If we talk about her mother, so she is also born with Holt-Oram syndrome. So, she is not the only one in the family who has this issue.

Miranda Cooper BoyFriend/Dating

Miranda cooper is not in a relationship with anyone and is single. It’s like she never wants her relationship status to be changed. At the current time, she is only focusing on achieving everything she wants in her life. Therefore, she has never been in any relationship at all.

The amount of popularity she has attained in the past few years makes it possible that one day she will get the ideal person in her life with whom she could enjoy the happiest and coolest moments of her life. But for now, she is not dating anyone at all.

Miranda Cooper Net worth

Miranda Cooper

Miranda Cooper’s net worth is around $1 million. First of all, she has a TikTok account with millions of active followers. Therefore, it’s the major reason for her to earn a huge amount of money from the same platform.

Apart from that, she also has a Youtube channel where she used to post content. From there, she used to earn money from Ad revenue and sponsored posts. Also, she has a successful Instagram account where she is earning a considerable amount of money from sponsored posts.

Singing is another passion in her life, and that’s the major reason for her earning. She used to earn gigs where she gets the chance to sing along with other talented singers. Apart from that, she also covered the hit single of Austin Mahoney’s “All I ever need,” which has raised more followers on her social media accounts and the reason to earn money.

Early Life and Career

Miranda Cooper

Before getting fame on TikTok, she used to post video content on her Youtube Channel back in 2017. After that, she started making videos on Tiktok and post different types of content. From there, she has earned a lot of fame.

After that, the Youtube channel also increases the subscribers count. Meanwhile, she also created an account on Instagram and started gaining more followers over there. Moreover, she also has a passion for singing and sings in different local gigs to get fame and money.

Besides that, her career always remain into the talks due to her apparel syndrome. As we mentioned earlier, she is suffering from a major syndrome where she can’t use both of her hands like a normal person. Despite that issues, she never seen sad and always focused on doing thing that will bring make her career well-established.

Facts of Miranda Cooper

  • Miranda Cooper and her mother are suffering from Holt-Oram Syndrome.
  • She loves to meet her fans and always tries to interact with them as well.
  • The favorite color of Miranda Cooper is Yellow.
  • She aims to become the first popular entertainer who is suffering from Holt-Oram Syndrome.
  • She promotes brands with a vibrant, confident, and unique style.
  • On Miranda Cooper’s birthday, the population of the whole world is 6,066,867,391. Luckily, 130,704,749 babies were born in the same year.
  • She has a zodiac sign, Rabbit, as per the Chinese zodiac data.
  • The life path number of Miranda Cooper is 4. People with the same life path number tend to have self-control, discipline, and structured capabilities.
  • She is born in the millennial generation.
  • Miranda Cooper has never been into any relationship.
  • Citrine and Topaz are the birthstones of Miranda Cooper.
  • The birth flower of Miranda Cooper is Chrysanthemum, which is known as the symbol of the sun.
  • On FaceTime call, Miranda came to light that she flashed a minor.


Miranda Cooper

As of 2021, Miranda cooper has never been into any controversy at all. She is the type of person with Holt-Oram syndrome and people are very kind to her passion and hardworking abilities to grow on the internet.

Therefore, she never wants to let away all the support she is getting from day one by doing anything that let her face backlash. Hence, she is doing the work to win the heart of her followers and never been into anything fishy that could ruin her entire career.

In the future, we would also expect the same from her side and wished that she never been into any controversy at all.

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