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Claudia Conway is a Social media influencer and TikTok star famous for her Dance and Lip-sync videos. However, the primary reason for her popularity is the revelation she made about her parent’s emancipation. She revealed the news when her mother presented the speech at the Republican National convention. After saying that, she has attained a considerable amount of following in her accounts.

Claudia Conway has a charming, Beautiful, and well-balanced life. According to her friend, she has an ordered and aesthetical way to live a life. Meanwhile, she tends to work very hard on anything that is assigned to her. Hence, that’s the major reason she is so much successful in the current times.

Claudia Conway Age

How old is Claudia Conway? Claudia will turn 17 years old in 2021. Her birthday is October 17, 2004, while her birthplace is New Jersey. Claudia Conway has the birth sign Libra.

The young star was born in a famous family in the United States in term of Politics. However, she never granted the fact and worked on her terms. She has worked deliberately hard to attain the popularity that she had as of now. There were no shortcuts throughout the time, and that’s the primary reason she has achieved positive followership for herself.

Height & Personal appearance

If we talk about Claudia Conway height, so it’s 5 feet 6 inches. As per the data, Claudia Conway weighs around 56 KG. The data may go up or down depending upon the situations; however, we have the most updated and accurate data available in this article.

Claudia Conway Family

The family of Claudia Conway is not hidden from anyone. Claudia Conway mothers name is Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway, who works as a political consultant. While, her father name is George Thomas Conway, who is an attorney.

Her mother is also famous for her campaign manager work in the year 2016 for Donald trump presidential campaign. Meanwhile, she is also the president and CEO of the Polling Company. Apart from that, his father work is also well-known in the United States of America.

Claudia Conway Parents
Claudia Conway Parents
Claudia Conway with her Mother
Claudia Conway with her Mother

Apart from her parents, she also has three siblings. One is his twin brother, whose name is George IV. While the other two younger sisters are also twins, and their names are Vanessa and charlotte.

It looks like Claudia Conway is not the only person famous in her family. Her parents are also renowned in the United States for a long time. The anti-Donald-trump remarks from Claudia Conway made them in big trouble and increased their popularity in the whole world.

Claudia Conway BoyFriend/Dating

As per the resources, Claudia Conway boyfriend is Carmelo Velardo. There is no news revealed from both sides about their relationship, but we can assume that the media reports never been wrong for any person.

If we talk about Carmelo Velardo, he is the football player of his school team at Bergen Catholic in New Jersey. Despite having many followers on Twitter and Instagram, he is focused on continuing his career as a professional footballer.

Claudia Conway with her Boyfriend Carmelo Velardo
Claudia Conway with her Boyfriend Carmelo Velardo

It’s still unclear how long they have been dating together as none of them has shared anything relevant about themselves. Recently, Claudia Conway deletes a picture where she has mentioned the caption “Missing you @carmelo.velardo”. After that, she never posted anything about Carmelo and never talked anything about him at all.

For now, it’s hard to say whether they are in a relationship or not. However, we might assume that she is single for now due to her random response.

Claudia Conway Net worth

As per the resources, Claudia Conway net worth is around $500,000. She has a considerable amount of followers on her Tiktok and Instagram Account. Therefore, we can assume that she is earning a hefty amount of money from both accounts through sponsored posts. Apart from that, she is also earning from brand deals and endorsements.


claudia conway in american idol
claudia conway in american idol

In 2015, she started posting videos on, which is now well-known as TikTok. At that time, most of her videos are about dancing and lip-syncing. From there, she earned a considerable amount of following on her official account.

Later, she posted duet videos with other TikTok personalities like Noah Beck and Bryce hall and attained a considerable amount of views from it as well. In the year 2020, she gained the highest amount of popularity on her account after posting about blacks live matter and an anti-trump thing on TikTok.

Her mother was working in the white house under the administration of Donald Trump. That’s the same period she posted the anti-trump video. The video went viral and made her the superstar of TikTok.

Meanwhile, she also auditioned on American Idol and got a lot of fan following and appreciation from there.

8 Facts of Claudia Conway

  1. She has described her family members as the Italian huge conservative family.
  2. She got famous on TikTok after posting against Donald Trump when her mother is working in the White House under the Trump administration.
  3. Claudia is a liberal and leftist personality.
  4. She gave an audition for American Idol Season 19.
  5. She has a Secret You tuber Past.
  6. Most of the time she talks about her dating life complications.
  7. She is a secret rap star.
  8. Majority of the Fans have sent her money in the past on her tough time.

Controversies of Claudia Conway

Once, Claudia Conway has posted anti-Donald trump status on her TikTok Account. From there, she has to face backlash on the internet. The people got fascinated with the fact that her mother and father are affiliated with the Donald-trump party, and they are the supporters.

Claudia Conway

However, his father expressed that everyone has their own opinions and must contain their freedom of speech. After that post, news found that her relationship with her mother also maintained a distance.

One of her nude pics was posted by an anonymous person on her Mother Twitter handle in a backlash. On the same day, her father also demanded to seize all of his daughter’s social media handles that clearly shows that he was aware of his daughter voice being raised in the right way on the Internet. After that, the accounts of Claudia Conway were private for a short time.

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