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Aaron Doh is an American social media celebrity. Because of his style and his good looks, he is popular on Instagram. He is also famous for making comedy videos on TikTok. Before making TikTok videos he used to make Vines. He also has a YouTube channel.

Aaron Doh is also known for singing Read Zone, Drowning Silent Thoughts. He has also worked as an actor. In 2016, he started in Mr. Student Body President, a web series. He has 459k followers on YouTube. On Instagram, he is being followed by 516k followers. He has a very strong fan base on TikTok with 320M likes on his videos and 5.7M fans.  

Aaron Doh in start became famous on social media through his charming personality and earned fame from his Vines. One of the very first videos he shared was ‘Don’t drink and drive kids’ and ‘The second most relatable vine ever’. On TikTok, he also sometimes shares his dancing videos, and, in some videos, he also likes to show his singing skills.

He’s known for posting hypocritical photos on Instagram. He exhibits his fashionable outfits and clothes. His fan following grew as a result of his social media video and photo posts, and he became a celebrity. In August 2018, he released his first album, “Love Lies.”

Aaron Doh Age

Aaron Doh was born on February 7, 1995. He will be 26 years old in 2021. His ethnicity is White, and his nationality is American. He was born in Texas, United States of America.

Aaron Doh Childhood Photo
Aaron Doh Childhood Photo

His favorite sport is football. He played football in high school. Basketball is his other favorite sport. He likes to play guitar. He is also a good dancer. His favorite color is red and gray. He is a pet lover. He has 2 pet dogs.

Aaron Doh Family

Aaron Father’s and mother’s names have not been revealed. However, he and his mother are very close. He sometimes shares pictures of him and his mother on social media.

Aaron Doh mother is a registered nurse who works in a hospital. He has a total of seven siblings, according to his family. He has 2 older sisters.

Aaron Doh Parents
Aaron Doh Parents
Aaron Doh Family
Aaron Doh Family


He is currently in a relationship with Doni Tosh. Aaron began dating Tori D’onofrio, a social media celebrity. He was also engaged to Kaitlyn Mackenzie, an American Instagram celebrity, in 2016. They split up due to an internal misunderstanding. They began dating in 2018. Doni Tosh is a popular Instagram user with over 52K followers. Kaitlyn Mackenzie was his ex-girlfriend at the time. She is an actress and a social media star. Their engagement took place in 2016, but they eventually backed up.

Height & physical appearance

Aaron Doh has a sweet smile and a charming personality. Aaron Doh stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He weighs 72 kilograms. His eyes are hazel, his hair is dark brown, and he wears a size 8 shoe in the United States. He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body. He has his distinct style and still enjoys what he does.

Early life and Career

Aaron Doh began his career as a vine creator, with over 1 million followers. He made videos like “Don’t drink and drive kids”, which was voted the second most relatable vine of all time by viewers. He is also well-known on social media platforms such as TikTok, where he has primarily uploaded videos of hilarious outbursts and other relatable dramatic real-life situations. On TikTok, he has a total of 5.7 million followers.

Aaron’s distinct humor, which sometimes hid dark sarcasm, was something his audience could relate to, giving him many followers. He gained over a million followers and had received over 2 million loops for his videos by August 2015.

Aaron also has 459k subscribers on his YouTube channel. On October 14, 2014, he began his YouTube career. He’s also a fantastic singer. Silent Thoughts, his debut single, was released on June 3, 2018. Following that, in the same year, he released Read Zone and Drowning. Love Lies and Dreamland, Aaron’s EPs, were released on August 24, 2018, and February 7, 2019, respectively.

When the trend of vines fades away, he believed that it was not the end of the road. So by the end of 2014, he joined ‘YouTube,’ and his legacy had spread to a wider audience. He quickly gained attention on TikTok and become a big social media star among today’s youth.

Aaron Doh

Aaron Doh Net Worth

Aaron Doh has a net worth of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars ($250,000) as of 2021. He makes money by using social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Vines, and Facebook. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. He earns a lot of money by posting comedy videos, vlogs, and pranks on his channels.

Aaron Doh with his pet Dog
Aaron Doh with his pet Dog

Facts about Aaron Doh

From a young age, he was fascinated by social media platforms such as Vine and YouTube. In May 2013, he posted his first Vine video, which elevated him to fame. He enjoys music; he also likes to dance and uploads comedy videos to his YouTube channel.

Aaron Doh attended high school, but the name of the school has not yet been revealed. He likes to hang out with his friends. He shots videos with his friends. People close to him have told that he has great video editing skills, which can be shown in his videos. He is a very adventurous person. He has a special love for food and games. Aaron Doh also has a great sense of humor which is often seen in his videos. He also likes to sketch different items. With his high sense of humor and sarcastic words, he entertains people.

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