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Kio Cyr is a social media influencer and Tiktok star who is born and raised in Canada. The young sensation is famous for his Challenges, Trending, and lip-sync videos. Apart from that, he also used to upload video content of other categories.

The striking looks of Kio Cyr are the primary reason for his popularity on the internet. Most importantly, many followers reside in his TikTok, and other personal accounts are females. Things were never more accessible for him to achieve. He has worked hard for whatever he performed in the online world to date.

Besides that, he is the only Canadian who has achieved so much in his life being Canada. Many others might have more followers than him. Still, he has got all the significant opportunities in his life that can lead him to better other opportunities others always wished about in their life.

Kio Cyr

Kio Cyr Age

How old is Kio Cyr? Kio Cyr will turn 21 years old in the year 2021. His birthdate is September 5, 2000, while his birthplace is Canada. If we talk about his Zodiac sign, so it’s Virgo. Apart from that, Kio cyr has completed his education at Olympia high school in Canada.

The ethnicity of Kio Cyr is mixed; however, his religion is Christianity.

Kio Cyr has a logical, practical, and systematic personality. He is the type of person who always work hard to improve her skills and wants to remain perfectionist on anything from his heart. Therefore, it’s the top reason he has earned so much popularity in the young age.

Height and Physical Appearance

Kio Cyr Height

Kio Cyr is 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighs around 68 KG. The data might go up or down depending upon the situation, but we have the most accurate and updated data available here. The body measurement is 36-30-35, while the shoe size is 10(US).

Kio Cyr Family

The family details of Kio Cyr are not available in the right amount, like his parents or sibling names and what do they do. However, we have found that Kio Cyr’s mothers are of Thai background, and his father is a French-Canadian. Due to these reasons, we would expect that he has a mixed ethnicity.

Different parent’s backgrounds mean he has different culture festive to enjoy every year. Apart from that, his family tends to look very supportive and encouraging because he has achieved.

Kio Cyr BoyFriend/Dating

Kio Cyr love story has never been private among media and fans. Once the news appeared about his relationship life on the internet at the opposite gender associated with it is no other than the famous social media sensation Olivia Ponton.

Both of them have been seen on different occasions, snapping pictures together. That’s the central ingredient that helped the media and fans to understand their love chemistry. At the start, both of them have denied the news, but after a week, they accept it.

Kio Cyr with his Ex Girlfriend Olivia Ponton
Kio Cyr with his Ex Girlfriend Olivia Ponton

If we talk about Olivia ponton, she is a famous TikTok star with more than 5 million active followers. Most of the videos she uploads are lip-synced, dancing, and many more. Besides that, she has more than 2 million active followers on her Instagram, where she used to post about her personal life. Not only the followers, but the net worth of Olivia Ponton is also in a considerable amount. She belongs to Naples, Florida, and in a relationship with Kio for almost one year, but now they broke up.

Besides that, there is no other news found about Kio Cyr Relationship. Therefore, we can assume that Olivia Ponton is the only girl that has come into his life.

Kio Cyr Net worth

As per the current details, Kio Cyr net worth is around $500,000. The amount will rise in the future as he is working a lot on different things now. He used to post videos on TikTok, where more than 8 million active followers are available, so a considerable amount of earning comes from there. Meanwhile, he also has an Instagram account where he uploads sponsored posts. Besides that, he also signed endorsements and brand deals to earn money.


Kio Cyr Career

The first video he has created on Tiktok is about the high school graduation, where he was dancing in happiness. The video becomes viral and earned him a considerable amount of followers. Besides that, he is also a talented sportsman and used to play as a competitive soccer player.

Slowly he attained more than 8 million active followers on Tiktok as of now. After that, he also created an account on Instagram and achieved more than 2 million followers there as well. Meanwhile, he also signed a deal with TalentX entertainment to become their representative.

Things don’t end here as he also becomes the sway house member; that is where the world’s popular influencers used to live together and make content. Bryce hall and griffin Johnson are other famous persons who live there as well.

Facts of Kio Cyr

  • His first video on Tiktok was about the School Graduation where he was dancing.
  • Transition and lip-sync videos are the primary reason for his popularity.
  • He’s half Thai, half French-Canadian.
  • He is the only person from Canada who is in the Tiktok house.
  • Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are his favorite singers.
  • He loves to give shout-outs to his fans.
  • He runs his apparel brand.
  • He was a soccer player.
  • Versace, Levis, and Adidas are his favorite clothing brands.
  • He loves Thai food.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise are his favorite.
  • He is in a relationship with Olivia Ponton.


There is no significant controversy about Kio Cyr available on the internet. However, some of his relationship life details that we have found on the internet tell that he is not good in a relationship. That’s why Olivia Ponton broke up with Kio Cyr after faced cheating several times.

Besides that, the sway house member also revealed in a Youtube video accidentally that Kio Cyr used to flirt with girls of 14 to 17 years of age. At that time, Kio Cyr himself is 19 years old.

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