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Nick Austin is an American-based social media influencer and TikTok who has earned a considerable amount of popularity worldwide. This young star’s great body and handsome looks have become the top reason for females to go crazy on him. He is among some lucky youngsters who have rapidly established themselves in the online world.

The best part about Nick Austin is that he uploads fresh content every day. That’s the major reason his fan following is increasing every day. He has a big family over TikTok as the Hype house where he is the official member.

According to the resources, Nick Austin has a Psychic and intuitive ability that works in different spaces for him. He is way self-protective but always cares about others as well. He is like the person who wants to give to others and never expects anything from others. That’s the major reason he is well-known in the Sway house, and most of the people do love him due to his habits.

Nick Austin

Nick Austin Age

How Old is Nick Austin? Nick Austin will turn 21 years old in 2021. His birthplace is San Diego, CA, while he was born on July 1, 2000. Besides that, Nick Austin is a school graduate, but the institution’s name is not available for now.

Nick Austin Childhood Photo
Nick Austin in Young age

If we talk about his ethnicity, so he belongs to white. However, his religion is Christianity.

Height & Personal appearance

Nick Austin has a very healthy lifestyle, and he used to maintain his food timings. Due to these reasons, he has around 63 KG of weight. The body measurement is approximately 40-26-35, while his height is almost 5 feet 9 inches as per the recent data. He used to wear 10.5(US) size shoes and has a biceps size of 21 inches.

Nick Austin

Nick Austin Family

Nick Austin is born and raised in San Diego; Nick Austin’s mother’s name is Jo Anne Taylor, while his father’s name is Robert Austin. He has one sister, whose name is Maddi Austin.

If we talk about his mother, so she is a housewife. On the other hand, his father, Robert Austin, is also a Real Estate Agent. 

Nick Austin with his Father
Nick Austin with his Father
Nick Austin with his Mother Jo Anne Taylor
Nick Austin with his Mother Jo Anne Taylor
Nick Austin Sister Maddi Austin
Nick Austin Sister Maddi Austin

His family members are the constant support behind his account. That’s the major reason he is at this stage where he is earning a good amount of money and respect worldwide.

Nick Austin Girlfriend/Dating

Nick Austin Dating’s life is filled up with rumors and real news. In the initial stages, the fans and media persons released the news about his dating Avani Gregg, a TikTok star. The reason for associating with Avani Gregg is because he has posted many pictures and video content where Avani Gregg was always available. Still, nick never confirmed the news at all. Moreover, Avani Gregg is in a relationship with Anthony Reeves, which clears off all this news.

After Avani Gregg, Nick Austin’s name was also associated with Madison Beer In 2020, which the young star also accepted in different places. If we talk about Madison Beer, so she is the famous pop singer whose work is also praised by Justin Bieber in his tweet. Both Nick Austin and Madison beer looks outstanding together, and they are dating since 2020.

Nick Austin Girlfriend Madison Beer
Nick Austin Girlfriend Madison Beer
Nick Austin with his Girlfriend Madison Beer
Nick Austin with his Girlfriend Madison Beer

Nick Austin Net worth

According to the news, Nick Austin Net worth is around $200,000. He has around 10 million active followers on TikTok and more than 3.5 million on Instagram. Hence, he is earning a huge amount of money through Sponsored posts, Endorsements, and promoting the major brands.

Besides that, he is a top-notch entertainer. That’s the main reason he is affiliated with various Local entertainment companies that also becomes the major reason for his earning cycle.

Nick Austin

Apart from that, he is also a member of the TikTok Group “The Hype house.” It’s the house where many top social media stars also live together. Therefore, earning a considerable amount of money is possible from that as well.

Early Life and Career

Before Fame, Nick Austin is like any other teenager who tends to study and play sports in the early life. However, the year 2019 has been a very lucky year for him when he first uploaded the TikTok video. It’s the same year when one of his videos with his friend got viral and made a name in the Internet world.

After that, he started posting unique and engaging content daily, which pushed his account to a level where millions of people become his permanent followers. From there, he created an account on Instagram and also started posting regular stuff there. Luckily, he managed to push that account to the list of Million followers.

After his accounts went to millions of Followers, he started acquiring brand deals, promotions, and sponsored posts that have become the major reason to earn money. Keeping his maintained followership on TikTok, he was also offered to become the official member of a TikTok group, “The hype house,” where all the top Tiktokers live together.

In the current time, he is working on his personality to get a chance as a model and then an actor to fulfill his acting passion.

Nick Austin

13 Facts of Nick Austin

  1. When his parents got married, he was a ring boy.
  2. Nick Austin once appeared in public, where the fan fainted after seeing him.
  3. He loves to interact with fans anywhere.
  4. He is an avid pet lover.
  5. Nick aims to become an actor one day.
  6. He Is a friendly person.
  7. Audi is his favorite car brand.
  8. Black is his favorite color.
  9. He loves to drink coffee a lot.
  10. The majority of his fans are females due to his attractive looks.
  11. Nick Austin is the most searched Tiktok personality on the Internet.
  12. He pierced his nose for TikTok.
  13. He never intended to get fame on TikTok, or he never planned for it in his entire life.
Nick Austin


As of 2021, Nick Austin never remains in any news or post for controversy. He is the type of person who always works hard to improve his skills and push his career to the next level. That’s the major reason he has never been into any controversy that affects his following.

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