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There are very few TikTok Stars who have made fame due to their talent and looks. Luckily, Benji Krol is among those who have achieved it with the same attributes. He uses Tiktok videos on popular songs with memes that become the major reason for him to flourish in the TikTok industry.

The outstanding thing About Benji Krol Video content is that it uploads daily, and all of them are unique. That’s the major reason he is gaining popularity on the internet and has become more competitive every day.

According to the resources, Benji Krol has a very Fair-minded, Intellectual, honest, and Optimistic personality. He loves to work on his terms; therefore, he always appreciates work freedom for any task. He also loves to do work for fun and in spontaneous ways. Therefore, he has a considerable amount of popularity on the internet.

Benji Krol

Besides that, he has a lot of friends online and offline. In other words, he used to make good friends, and that’s also in a great amount. Therefore, you will also consider him as the cool dude living life with friends.

Benji Krol Age

Benji Krol will turn 21 years old in 2021. His Birthplace is Brazil, while he was born on December 14, 2000. Currently, he is living In Madrid, Spain. Moreover, his zodiac star is Sagittarius.

Moreover, his religion is Christianity, while the ethnicity is mixed. He has a background of both English and Brazilian Ethnic. Therefore, you will also consider that he is living his life by absorbing two cultures simultaneously.

Benji Krol Childhood Photo
Benji Krol Childhood Photo

Height and Personal Appearance

The height of Benji Krol is 5 feet 8 inches as per the most current data. Moreover, he weighs around 69 KG. This young star’s body measurement is approximately 40-30-36, while he wears 9(UK) shoe sizes.

Benji Krol Family

Benji Krol has a mixed ethnicity, as said earlier; however, he was born and raised in Brazil. Benji Krol’s Mother’s Name is Alejandra, an Argentinian, while her father’s name is Andre, Polish/English. The young star has two siblings as well.

If we talk about the family members, so they are very friendly. Meanwhile, none of the family members is famous like Benji Krol over the internet; therefore, he is the only one who had the passion for establishing online and earning something.

In the current times, the whole family members are living in Madrid, Spain. However, we would say that his mother and father had a love marriage because they are from different regions.

Benji Krol BoyFriend/Dating

As per the data, we have found that Benji Krol has dated Jorge Garay, his Fellow TikTok star. IF we talk about Jorge, so he is from Barcelona, Spain. He used to create facial expressions and close-up videos that has become the top reason for his popularity. Also, he used to select only those videos that match his facial expressions. Meanwhile, he also used to upload comedy videos on the TikTok personal account.

In the current time, Jorge Garay has earned around 4 million followers on his Account. Therefore, he is also an established Star itself.

Apart from that, once Benji Krol also appeared in the news for his relationship status. The person who is associated with a relationship is named Jadyn Cothern. They have also appeared on different photos on his personal Instagram Account. However, there is no confirmation made by the Tiktok star about this news.

Besides that, we have never seen Benji Krol to any relationship status ever in his entire life. Therefore, Jorge Garay would be the only one who is confirmed in a relationship with Benji Krol.

Benji Krol Net Worth

According to the news, Benji Krol’s net worth is approximately $0.5 Million. He has earned money by posting video content on his Tiktok account that has over 20 million followers. On TikTok, he used to post sponsored videos that makes it possible for him to earn a considerable amount.

Besides that, he has a huge amount of followership on Instagram, which is approximately also in millions. Therefore, he used to post about brand products and many other things that make him earn a huge amount of money from there as well.

Benji Krol

Meanwhile, he has signed with the entertainment industry and brands for collaboration. Therefore, it’s also generating a huge amount of money for him. Finally, he also works as a YouTuber and earning a huge amount of money through ad revenue.


In the year 2013, he first started using Instagram by posting random videos. Time flies, and he found the TikTok platform to give it a try. With time, he managed to earn a huge amount of followership on the platform and now holds more than 20 million active followers on his TikTok account.

After getting the fame, he started taking an interest in Instagram and also managed to earn a huge amount of active followers. Moreover, he also created a Youtube channel to upload Vlogs and let the fans know about his personal life.

In the current time, all of his accounts are getting a huge amount of views. Hence, he is monetizing the viewership and earning a huge amount of money from that.

Besides that, he aims to become a well-known actor in the whole world. Currently, he is very young, but his appearance concludes that he will get the actor title in the future. Also, he collaborates with entertainment and product brands which is also the major reason for his earning.

Interesting Facts of Benji Krol

  • Once, he attempted Suicide.
  • His nudes were also leaked on the internet.
  • He loves hiking.
  • Benji is an Pet Lover.Benji Krol with his Pet Dog
  • If he has to choose a superpower, then it would be to fly.
  • He can speak four different languages, including French, German, Spanish, and English.
  • He regularly do Q&A in youtube, where he answers the most asked questions by his fans.


His mobile data got hacked in recent times, and nude pictures and videos appeared on the Internet. He has to face many backlashes and negative comments from the media and fans’ side after that. Surprisingly, he is the only TikTok star on the internet who had to face the same issue in his life.

He also appeared in controversial news when he tried to kill himself by attempting suicide. After the news was revealed, half of the peoples criticized him for his actions, while half of the people have supported him for the anonymous reason behind taking this crucial step.

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