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Kairi Cosentino is a famous TikTok star and social media influencer who has craze the entire audience on his account by posting Lip-synch and dance content. He is the type of person who used to upload several quality videos daily and attract viewers to his account.

He has more than 2 million active followers on his Tiktok Account. His dedication and hard work are the most common and essential reasons he is standing at this point where every person loves his content. Every video he posts on his account tends to be unique and of good quality compared to the previous one.

There are tons of Kairi Cosentino TikTok compilation videos posted everywhere by the fans as well. Therefore, we would quickly analyze that the viewers are very fond of his videos and never miss any chance not to watch them.

Apart from his talent, he has a beautiful and charming personality. That’s the primary reason a lot of females are his die-hard fans.

Kairi Cosentino Height

Kairi Cosentino Age

How old is Kairi Cosentino? Kairi is 18 years old now (2021). He was born in the United States of America; however, his Birthday is February 8, 2003. IF we talk about his Zodiac sign, so it’s Aquarius. He attends Passaic Valley High School.

Besides that, he is an American who has a mixed ethnicity, and his religion is Christianity. Last but not least, his nickname is “Kairi” among his family and close friends.

Height and Personal Appearance

Kairi Cosentino is 5 feet 6 inches in height and is around 57 KG in weight. The body measurement of this young star is 36-29-35, along with 7(US) shoe sizes. He has a brown hair color and dark brown eye color that becomes the major style statement.

Kairi Cosentino Family

As we said earlier, Kairi Cosentino is of mixed ethnicity, so it clearly states that his parents are not of the same ethnicity. His father is of Italian descent, while his mother is Japanese. Moreover, he also has a sister whose name is Maiya.

Kairi Cosentino with sister Maiya
Kairi Cosentino with sister Maiya

There are no significant details about his family members, like their names or whatever they do. It seems like Kairi doesn’t want to show his family information to anyone on the internet. However, you can see her mother and sister on his personal TikTok video content.

Kairi Cosentino GirlFriend/Dating

As per the current details, we have not found any relationship news from the fans or media side on the internet. Therefore, it seems like Kairi is the type of person who is very focused and dedicated to achieving his dreams and doesn’t want anyone to be in his life in terms of dating.

He does have female friends, but he never confessed his feelings to anyone. It would also be why he is still young and doesn’t want to get into any significant trouble by getting into a relationship. Therefore, he is now single.

Kairi Cosentino Net Worth

According to the resources, Kairi Cosentino’s net worth is around $300,000 as of 2021. He started using Tiktok and created mixed videos like Lip-sync, Comedy, Dance, etc. From there, he earned more than 2 million active followers as of now. Hence, a considerable amount of money is coming from the TikTok account.

Besides that, he has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram and more than 85,000 subscribers on Youtuber. If we consider the followership, he is earning through sponsored posts on Instagram and Ad revenue on the Youtube Account.

Finally, he has signed deals with major brands of Entertainment, Products, and other categories. Therefore, a considerable amount of earning is also coming from there.

Early Life & Career

Before Fame, he used to play soccer and is well-known in his school due to the same reason. He has played for Match Fit Academy FC and his high school team.

After that, he started Tiktok and publishing videos about different video genres. Soon, people started loving his videos, and his fan followings increased. In the current time, he has more than 2 million active followers on his TikTok.

After getting fame on Tiktok, he created an account on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, he has hundreds of thousands of followers on his other accounts as well. He is earning a hefty amount of money by promotions, brand deals, endorsements, and ad revenue from all these accounts.

Apart from that, he also becomes a member of the Social Demographic group that is a TikTok collaborative group. Later on, he also got the opportunity to sign with TalentX entertainment, a famous industry, to promote young talent. Moreover, he also shared the duet Split-Screen video that appeared on the Yousif.

He plans to increase his followers and get the chance on powerful platforms to excel in his talent. In other words, he wants to become the actor that everyone in the whole world will know.

12 Facts of Kairi Cosentino

  1. Dancing and playing guitar is his most favorite hobby in the free time.
  2. He is Half-Asian and Half-white.
  3. His Favorite Singer Was Michael Jackson.
  4. He used to play soccer, and it’s his favorite sport.
  5. He is an avid pet lover and also has different pets in his home.
  6. Angelina Jolie is his favorite actress after her film “Wanted.”
  7. His favorite web series is “Sex Education.”
  8. His favorite actor is Will Smith.
  9. Due to their mixed ethnicity, he loves to eat both Asian and American dishes.
  10. Traveling is another essential thing that he always loves to do.
  11. Kairi Cosentino loves White color.
  12. He loves to meet his fans and always tries to interact with them.


The Young star has never appeared in any controversy as of now, as per the resources. It seems like he is very much focused on achieving a lot of things in his life. Therefore, he doesn’t give much importance to anything else that is apart from his career. That’s the primary reason he has not been into any negative news.

On top of that, he is just a young guy now, so he doesn’t usually get into things that are not right for him. That’s also the primary reason for his no controversy in public.

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