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Sebastian Bails is a young Social media influencer and TikTok star who earned his first 1 million followers within a month or two. Itzoseb is the TikTok user name where he used to upload unique and entertaining content daily.

The youngster started the platform back in 2016 when it’s well-known as From there, he started the journey and managed to gain followers in a considerable amount. The majority of his video posted on Tiktok are of different characters. The viewers love the most because of the mother’s avatar videos that he used to publish on his personal TikTok account.

The outstanding charisma and humor of this popular personality made it easier for him to attain a considerable amount of followers on his account. The journey was never easier for Sebastian to come at this stage. He has to make many sacrifices and hard work to generate content that can fulfill the requirements and make his followers happy and satisfied with his content.

If we talk about his appearance, it’s also the primary reason people show their love. He has a very chocolaty and hot personality that made him famous among the youngsters, especially the females.

Sebastian Bails

Sebastian Bails Age

How old is Sebastian Bails? He will turn 21 years old in 2021. His birthplace is Los Angeles, California; however, his birthday is August 27, 1999. IF we talk about his zodiac sign, so it’s Virgo.  

Sebastian Bails attends a local high school in Los Angeles to complete his Higher education. After that, he has taken admission to “California University” that is pretty much famous and Well-reputed for graduation.

Apart from that, he belongs to America with a White ethnicity and Christianity religion.

Sebastian Bails

Height and Personal Appearance

Sebastian Bails height is approximately 5 feet 11 inches, and is around 78 KG in weight. The body measurement is 40-30-14. He used to wear 10(UK) shoe sizes.

The hair color is Dark brown; however, he has a blue eye color that makes him look outstanding in public.

Sebastian Bails Family

As per our research, there is no single piece of information available on the internet regarding his family members. It seems like Sebastian Bails is not interested in showing his family identity in public, or his family doesn’t want to be in the talk as of now.

However, we know that he has a happy family in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised. The only person who comes out to his TikTok video is his mother, who’s also only for a single time. Except that, we wouldn’t see any of the other people from his family.

Sebastian Bails GirlFriend/Dating

Sebastian Bails Relationship life is not hidden from his fans or media personalities. He has a personal youtube account where he tends to post about different lifestyle videos and her GirlFriend Lauren Godwin. Both of them are seen as happy together in the videos. However, they are not in a relationship anymore for now.

Suppose we talk about Lauren Godwin, so she is not famous by appearing on Sebastian Bails youtube videos. In general, she is also a Tiktok star with millions of active followers. Also, she runs a Youtube Channel. The main reason people follow her is just because of the videos of goofy characters and comedic posts that she used to upload.

Sebastian Bails with his Girlfriend Lauren Godwin
Sebastian Bails with his Ex-Girlfriend Lauren Godwin
Sebastian Bails Girlfriend
Sebastian Bails Ex-Girlfriend

In the current times, both of them are not in a relationship anymore. Hence, we can say that Sebastian’s bails are now single. Also, we have not found any information about his new GirlFriend, so it seems like he wants to give himself some time and work upon his potential to enhance his skills.

Sebastian Bails Net Worth

As of 2021, Sebastian’s Net worth will be around $200,000. He has approximately 8 million active followers on His TikTok account, Nearly 1 million subscribers on Youtube, and hundreds of thousands of views on other social media accounts.

Due to these reasons, he is earning a considerable amount of money through sponsored posts, Brand deals, endorsements, Ad revenue, and many more.

He also has affiliations with the brands and entertainment industries to represent them and promote their services on different platforms. As a result, he gets a considerable amount of money.

Sebastian Bails

Early life & Career

The first social media Platform he joined a long time ago was Twitter. After that, he created a YouTube account and used to post comedic-type videos over there. He gained a handsome amount of subscribers at that time on his account.

In 2016, he got to know about TikTok when it’s popularly known as It’s when he started making videos on the platform and telling the viewers over there about his potential and outrageous looks. From there, his hard work and dedication let him earn more than 8 million active followers as of now.

After that, luck has emerged for this celebrity, and he got nearly 1 million followers on his YouTube account now. He also created accounts on other major social media platforms and attained hundreds of thousands of followers.

From there, he also collaborated with the top Social media influencers on TikTok. It also becomes a significant reason for him to enhance his worth in public. Today, he has a considerable amount of public support that made it easier for him to get brand deals with the entertainment and business industry.

Last but not least, he aims to become an actor one day. Therefore, he is working hard to achieve it one day.

Sebastian Bails

9 Facts of Sebastian Bails

  1. His favorite Destination Spots are Beaches.
  2. He is an avid pet lover.Sebastian with his pet Dog
  3. Justin Bieber is his favorite singer.
  4. His favorite wrestler is John Cena.
  5. He loves to wear Black.
  6. He loves Continental dishes.
  7. His favorite actress is scarlet Johnson.
  8. His favorite actor is Johnny dep.
  9. People think he is gay due to his appearance.


Sebastian Bails

Once Sebastian Bails had uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel about the latest trends, people pretend to show an abusive relationship with a girlfriend or anyone else. He did the trend with his Girlfriend Lauren, and things got out of control from the fans and media side. In general, they had to face a lot of backlash since then, making it harder for Sebastian Bails to appear for further days.

Besides that, he has never been into any controversial topic or news after that on any occasion.

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