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Zoe Laverne (TikTok Star) Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Height, Biography & More

Zoe Laverne

Zoe Laverne is a blonde and beautiful teenager known as the Tiktok start and social media sensation in the whole world. Before TikTok, She used to make lip-sync videos on back in 2016. Therefore, it’s the same year when she started doing experiments on social media platforms to get the right amount of popularity.

It’s been almost five years as of 2021 that she is working on different videos. Therefore, it’s been a long and hard time for her to get popularity. The majority of her videos are based on Fun, Comedy, QNA, dance, and lip-sync. Apart from that, she also loves to make vlogs and uploads them on social media platforms.

She tried a lot of things but got a breakthrough in her TikTok account. Currently, she owns more than 17 million active followers on her account, which a huge milestone. For some people, these are just numbers, but for her, it’s been a whole bunch of hard work continuously for almost five years.

Zoe Laverne Image

The net worth of Zoe Laverne is around a million dollars, which he is getting through paid promotions, Youtube ad revenue, sponsored posts, and other deals.

Zoe Laverne Age

How old is Zoe Laverne? As of 2021, Zoe Laverne will turn 20 years of age. Her birthplace is Indiana, and she was born on June 3, 2001. Based on the data, her zodiac sign is Gemini. According to the zodiac sign experts, Gemini people’s personalities are friendly, career oriented, and have loads of passions.

Zoe Laverne Childhood Photo
Zoe Laverne Childhood Photo

The social media sensation nickname is Zoe. On top of that, her nationality is American, and she belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Zoe Laverne Height & Weight

How tall is Zoe Laverne? Zoe Laverne stands tall at 5 Feet and 4 inches of height. According to the resources, She weighs around 55 kg. However, the data would go up and down at any time. However, the most accurate and recent shows us these results. Apart from that, her body measurement is around 34-26-35 inches. Moreover, she has a 33C bra cup size, including 6(US) shoe sizes.

Zoe Laverne Family

Stars are nothing without their family members. If we generally talk about Zoe Laverne, so her family members are very supportive for whatever things she is doing until now. The family members consist of 5 members including her.

Zoe Laverne mothers name is Debbi, and her father’s name is Douglas. She has one real brother whose name is Eric, and also a step brother whose name is Cameron. All of them tends to seen together on pictures and videos over the internet. Moreover, all of them looks a perfect and beautiful family.

Zoe Laverne with her mother
Zoe Laverne with her mother
Zoe Laverne Father
Zoe Laverne Father

Because of her family, she becomes one of the successful social media personalities in the whole world.

Zoe Laverne Boyfriend/Dating

The personal life of celebrities never remains private in the internet. Especially, when it comes to dating or relationships. If we talk about Zoe Laverne, so her rumored boyfriend news spread over the internet and the associated person was Cody Overlove.

Cody is also young and famous Social media influence with more than 2 million active followers on Instagram. Before Instagram, he use to make content on YouNow. Cody was born and raised in Chicago. Moreover, his entire family members are also well-known in the internet world.

Apart from Cody, Zoe Laverne was also associated as per the rumors with zephan clark. He is also a famous personality on TikTok with more than 3 million active followers. Zephan is from England and he use to make tiktok lip-sync videos on pop songs with other stars.

As of 2021, Rumors are that Zoe Laverne has an open relationship with Dawson Day. He is a famous Instagram Star who has a huge following, and he also makes videos on Tiktok. He uses to make videos about his daily life, and that’s the major reason people are following him.

Zoe Laverne Boyfriend
Zoe Laverne Boyfriend
Zoe Laverne with her Boyfriend Dawson Day
Zoe Laverne with her Boyfriend Dawson Day

Net Worth

As of 2021, Zoe Laverne Net Worth is around $1 million. She is earning this huge amount through Youtube Ad revenue, Instagram, TikTok Sponsored posts, Endorsements, Brand Deals, and many more.


Zoe Laverne Started her career at, a famous and first lips-sync video sharing platform. It was 2016 when she started making such types of videos. After that, she began making videos on TikTok and now holds more than 17 million followers. She was the covered verification crown on the same platform back in 2017.

Zoe Laverne

Zoe Laverne Facts

  1. She wants to become an actress and win Oscar.
  2. Zoe Laverne started making content in 2016.
  3. She got the coveted verification crown award back in 2017 on TikTok.
  4. Zoe Laverne has a stepbrother and a real brother.
  5. Zoe Laverne is Pregnant and expecting her first child with Dawson Day. She announced the exciting news on Instagram.Zoe Laverne with her Boyfriend Dawson Day
  6. Cody Orlove is the ex-boyfriend of Zoe Laverne.
  7. When TikTok was, that’s the time she started using Social media.
  8. Zoe get her education through home due to her fame.
  9. She runs a merchandise business.
  10. She has write a song “Lost it all”. The song was all about her ex-boy friend cody who has cheated on her. Moreover, she also released “Dark thoughts” “Hold up” and “Thinking of you”.
  11. She Once confessed about her feelings for a 13 years old fan and also received backlash after it. She even mentioned that it all started after kissing the fan.
  12. She is a Pet and animal lover.

Zodiac Sign

Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Apart from that, such zodiac sign personalities are often seen to talk with others at any time and place easily. when we speak about Zoe Laverne, so she also has that same personality in her life. She has become the world’s popular personality by sticking to her career and showing superiority to every friend. On top of that, passion is also seen In her character. That’s the major reason for her to work for longer years dedicatedly and earn the amount of respect, money, and popularity.


Once, Zoe Laverne mentioned that she got feelings for her Connor, who was a 13 years old fan. She kissed her, and all that starts from there. After she admits to the feelings, Zoe Laverne has to face loads of backlash from the Fans. When? The backlash she received after announcing her pregnancy news with the fans in Feb 2021.

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