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Noen Eubanks is a young social media influencer and a Tiktok star famous for his Funny and Eccentric short video content on the same platform. Noen looks like a flower boy, whose identifications somehow look like feminine aesthetics.

Many people also got confused with his appearance, and there are many places where the question arises whether his sex is male or female. However, the reports state that he is a boy, but some habits or appearance identified him as a woman.

The young star always comes into the news for his apparels. He has a very good sense of appearing in public. Most importantly, the female loves how he changes his hair colors as it attracts his personality a lot.

The journey was never easier for him to be at this stage. He has to sacrifice many things to attain the amount of popularity that most people always wish for in their entire life. That’s the major reason he is well-known among the public.

If we talk about the current time, he has almost gained more than 8 million active followers on his TikTok account. Meanwhile, he also created an account on other social media platforms and has gained a tremendous amount of followers.

Noen Eubanks

Noen Eubanks Age

How old is Noen Eubanks? Noen Eubanks will turn 20 years old in 2021. His birthplace is Loganville, Georgia, USA; however, he currently lives in London, UK. Noen was born on May 02, 2001, and his zodiac sign is Taurus. As per the details, Noen has completed his graduation from Loganville High school.

The young star belongs to a Christian Religion; however, his ethnicity is White Caucasian Descent.

Height and Personal Appearance

If we talk about Noen Eubanks height, so it’s around 5 feet 11 inches. He has 68 KG of weight as per the updated data. The body measurement is approximately 42-28-35; however, his shoe size is 9(UK).

He has a Blonde Hair color and Green Eye Color. However, his hair color continuously changes. Moreover, he also has different tattoos on his body, which is also a major style statement.

Noen Eubanks

Noen Eubanks Family

Noen Eubanks is a very famous personality on the internet. However, the family details of this young star are not available on the internet. It’s like he never wants to expose his family on the internet. However, as per our details, he has a younger sister and parents in his family. Therefore, we would say that they are a total of four family members.

More surprisingly, the entire family member’s social media accounts are also not available on the internet. Therefore, we would assume that they are not interested in being on the platforms.

Noen Eubanks GirlFriend/Dating

If we talk about Noen Eubanks, he tends to be in the news as gay due to his appearance. In major blogs, he is associated as the flower boy due to his feminine identifications. However, the news gets wrong after the news of his relationship appeared on the internet.

Yes, Abby Roberts is the person who comes out as his girlfriend on the internet. There is no surprise to confirm the news as both of them have appeared in several places together. If we talk about Abby Roberts, so she is also a Tiktok and Instagram star. She has more than 2 million active followers on her Instagram, where she used to post about makeup artwork.

Noen Eubanks with his Ex-Girlfriend Abby Roberts
Noen Eubanks with his Ex-Girlfriend Abby Roberts

They both look great together, However their relationship ended in September 2020. Abby Roberts herself conformed news of break up in an Instagram Live. she also added that it was a mutual decision taken by both.

Noen Eubanks Net worth

As of 2021, Noen Eubanks’s net worth is over $700,000. He has earned the amount by posting Dance, Comedy, and Lip-sync videos on the Tiktok Account, where his followers are in millions. Noen also has an Instagram account where he used to post about sponsored products and services.

He has a youtube channel where he used to upload different long-video content, so a hefty amount of money is also coming through the ad-revenue. Moreover, he has brand deals, endorsements, and collaborating with the entertainment industry, which is also the major source of income.

Noen Eubanks

Early life & Career

Before fame, He used to work in the local pizza shop of Loganville, Georgia. IT’s the time when he was studying and earning at the same time to support his education and basic life necessities.

After that, he created a Tiktok account for fun to upload comedic and another content genre. From there, he started getting appraisals and viewership from the followers. In the current time, he has more than 11 million active followers on his Tiktok account.

The thing doesn’t end with Tiktok, as he later started making content for his Instagram personal account. There, he gained more than 3 million active followers. Apart from that, he also created a Youtube Channel, Twitter, and Facebook account. His youtube channel has more than 500,000 subscribers. Meanwhile, he has more than 500,000 Twitter followers and more than 50,000 Facebook followers.

Moreover, he used to play games and uploads the gaming content on every platform, which is also the top reason for his popularity over the internet.

In the year 2019, he had the opportunity to sign a deal with Kyra TV, the company known for making digital entertainment content. Moreover, he also got the chance to work in the fashion house Celine cast for their campaign.

Noen Eubanks

Facts about the Noen Eubanks

  1. Ice cream, Fries, and pizza are the favorite food he always wishes to eat.
  2. Justin Bieber is his favorite Singer.
  3. Angelina Jolie is his favorite actress.
  4. Paris is the favorite holiday destination for Noen Eubanks.
  5. He loves to wear black color.
  6. Artwork, Music, and Travelling are his most common hobbies.
  7. Brad Pitt is his favorite Actor.
  8. He loves to meet his fans and also try to interact with them.


Noen Eubanks

Noen Eubanks has never been into any controversy as of 2021. He is the type of person who always wants to improve himself and become more successful in his life. Also, he is very young, so there is nothing he would need to do to come out as a negative personality over the internet.

However, the controversial news that appeared a lot of times on the internet is mainly about his sex. Majority of the people consider him as gay, which later becomes wrong after his dating news appeared on the internet with a female Instagram and TikTok star.

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