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Kyle Thomas is a young and talented Social Media influencer and TikTok star who belongs to America. He is famous on Tiktok due to posting Food tasting and lip-sync videos. His tasting food is quirky, which is why he is like and adore by many of the fans on the internet. Apart from that, he is also good at comedy and dancing. Therefore, he used to post about the same genres of videos that are also loved by the Fans.

Like anyone else, Kyle Thomas was not a lucky person who got the vast fan followings earlier. He has to work pretty much hard to attain the followings that have made him stand to this point in the current times. That’s the primary reason he never takes things for granted at all.

Kyle is the type of person who used to upload unique and compelling videos on the official account. Due to these reasons, the fan following never dropped and is constantly increasing day by day.

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas Age

How Old is Kyle Thomas? Kyle Thomas will turn 17 years old in 2021. He was born and raised in Kent, England. However, his current residence in Los Angeles, California. The young star was born on September 19, 2004. The Zodiac Sign of Kyle Thomas is Virgo. In the end, Kyle Thomas seems to be a well-educated person; however, his educational background is not mentioned anywhere. Hence, we would expect that he is in University for pursuing graduation.

In the end, Kyle has a White Ethnicity with the Christian religion and American nationality.

Height & Personal appearance

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is approximately 65KG in weight. The body measurement of this young star is 40-30-44 inches, along with 16 inches bicep size and 9(US) shoe size. The height of Kyle Thomas is around 5 feet and 7 inches.

Appearance also plays an essential role in attaining more popularity over the internet. Kyle Thomas has all of the excellent personality attributes that would quickly lead him to the peak point of his career. He has a brown hair color and blue eye color, and a white skin tone that makes his appearance beautiful. Most of the fans on his Tiktok account are females for the same reasons.

Kyle Thomas Family

Kyle Thomas seems to be pretty much reserved for talking about his family. That’s the primary reason nothing is mentioned anywhere on the internet about them. However, we expect that his father is a job or business person and his mother is a housewife. Meanwhile, the sibling’s details are also not mentioned anywhere on the internet.

But, Kyle Thomas has mentioned in several places about his childhood and also mentioned the amount of attention and support he has got from the parent’s side. Therefore, we would expect that he has a good family term with the family members.

Kyle Thomas GirlFriend/Dating

In the current time, the young generations are pretty much into romantic relationships. With Kyle Thomas’s age details, we should consider him of the same generation. Therefore, many of us do want to know about his relationship life.

Generally, Kyle Thomas never talks about someone else he likes or wants to spend some romantic time with. Therefore, it clearly states that he is not the type of person who, at this point, believes or wants to get in a relationship. It would be possible that he is focused on his career; else, he doesn’t have any intentions in the current times.

Kyle Thomas Net Worth

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas Net worth is approximately $500,000. However, the amount would rise by the end of 2021. The majority of his earnings primarily comes from Social media accounts, where he has a considerable following.

On the other hand, Kyle has direct affiliations with top-notch companies and brands and other notable firms. Therefore, a huge amount of earnings do come out from those resources.

Early life & Career

Before getting fame on the Internet, Kyle Thomas used to have a passion for Karate, and he also attended karate classes in his childhood.

Later, he got to know about Tiktok from his friend at the time when it’s recently come out on the Internet. He established some inner skills that he wants to show to the people on the internet as it’s the cheapest and most effective platform to show the skills.

After joining Tiktok, he started creating Quirky food tasting and lip-sync videos that people loved a lot. At the same time, he has a good sense of humor and dancing skills that also made it possible for him to generate other genres of content on the internet.

After few months, Kyle Thomas started getting positive responses from the Fan’s side. Currently, he has more than 24 million active followers on his Tiktok Account, making him stand at the top of the list. In other words, there are very few people all around the world who have this amount of followership on their accounts.

When he got a good response on Tiktok, he also created Instagram and started making content over there. Luckily, his Instagram account has also reached more than 1 million followers. Also, he has attained a huge following on other social media platforms.

If we combine all of the following, Kyle is earning a huge amount from Endorsements, Paid posts, brand deals, etc. Meanwhile, he has direct affiliations with the media industry companies that also get him a good income.

Currently, he is working hard to raise his followers on Tiktok, Instagram, and other platforms. So that, the film industry would cast him for any lead role by considering his acting skills and looks.

In the end, Kyle is also passionate about making films. Therefore, we would also expect him to be the next successful filmmaker in the world.

Kyle Thomas

Facts about Kyle Thomas

  • Gymming, Singing, and dancing are his favorite hobbies.
  • Greece is the favorite holiday destination of Kyle Thomas.
  • He loves Italian cuisine.
  • Emma Watson is his favorite Actress.
  • He loves Purple color.
  • He is an avid pet lover.Kyle Thomas with is pet animal


Kyle Thomas is a teenager; therefore, it would be impossible to get into any controversial thing. Also, there is nothing controversial mentioned about him. It would also be possible that he is passionate and serious about his career, and he doesn’t want to give importance to any irrelevant activities.

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