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Liza Anokhina is a well-known social media personality and Dancer who belongs to Russia. At the age of 14, she has already made a spark in the heart of fans with her outstanding dancing performance and huge fan following on Tiktok.

The majority of Liza Anokhina videos on TikTok are based on Dance, Comedy, and Lip Sync. However, she used to make other categories of videos as well. The majority of the people get connected to her due to her excellent entertaining ways. Hence, a promising future is looking at Liza Anokhina’s life in the entertainment industry.

In general, dancing is what she loves to do throughout the time. However, Liza Anokhina never got the chance to showcase her talent to the people in the whole world. That’s where the idea of starting making videos on Tiktok comes out in her mind. Luckily, Liza videos have clicked people’s minds on the internet, and she got a massive following on her social media accounts.

Also, Liza Anokhina has appeared on significant shows due to performing well related to dancing. She has become so popular in the world due to her hard work and dedication. Therefore, she never gives the chance to consider everything as granted to her. Instead of that, Liza endorses every hard work and sacrifice she has made. In general, it was a huge roller coaster ride for her throughout the time.

Liza Anokhina

Liza Anokhina Age

How old is Liza Anokhina? Liza Anokhina has turned 14 years old in 2021. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. However, her birthday is April 30, 2007. The Birth sign of Liza Anokhina is Taurus. In the end, she is studying in a local school in Moscow to complete her basic studies. Also, she plans to pursue a media-related professional degree in the future.

Apart from that, Liza has a mixed ethnicity, Christian religion, and Russian nationality.

Liza Anokhina Childhood Photo
Liza Anokhina Childhood Photo

Height & Personal appearance

Liza Anokhina has approximately 50 KG of weight. The body measurement is around 28-24-30 inches; however, she wears a 24C bra cup size and 6.5(US) shoe size. The young star has 5 feet and 1-inch height, normal for a female.

She has Blonde hairs, Dark brown eye color, and a white skin tone that makes the entire personality outstanding on and off.

Liza Anokhina

Liza Anokhina Family

Liza Anokhina has never talked that much about her family at any place. It would be possible that she is not interested in highlighting her family identity or information in public. Else, her parents wouldn’t be allowed her to talk about them.

However, we expect Liza Anokhina mother to be a housewife, while her father is a job or business person. On top of that, we believe that she has good terms with her family members because she is pursuing a social media career quickly.

Apart from that, Liza Anokhina has two elder sisters and one elder brother. Therefore, she is the youngest member of her family. Being youngest in the family would also mean that she is the favorite and most caring child.

In general, they are a total of 6 family members. Surprisingly, no other family member has an excellent social media appearance. Hence, she is the only one in the family with such a massive amount of followers.

Liza Anokhina BoyFriend/Dating

Liza Anokhina is just 14 years old; therefore, it would be hard to say that she has any boyfriend or has been in any dating situation as of now. Although she is gorgeous, this age might not be suitable to get into any romantic life. Why? Because most of the worse things related to dating happen whenever gender is at a young age.

As per our experience, Liza has realized in the right time and way for her dating life. Therefore, she is primarily focusing on her professional life and career. Also, she wants to push to the higher peak. Due to these reasons, we would expect that she is not expecting any relationship for a long time now.

Liza Anokhina Net Worth

Liza Anokhina

At this young age, Liza Anokhina’s net worth already surpassed $600,000. However, the net worth is expected to rise by the end of 2021. Therefore, we would expect it to be raised to $1 million or less than that.

The primary source of her income is social media accounts, where she has a huge amount of followers. If we talk about the Tiktok solely, Liza Anokhina has approximately 20 million active followers. On the other hand, she also has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, so a hefty amount of money would also cover the YouTube ad revenue.

Early life & Career

Liza Anokhina

Before getting a tremendous amount of following on Tiktok and becoming famous globally, Liza started her career on Youtube back in 2017. She posts about challenges, comedic, and Vlog type of videos. From there, she earns a decent following.

Soon after TikTok was released on the internet, she started making videos on this platform. Here, she has uploaded Comedic, Dancing, and Lip sync type of videos that the viewers have loved a lot throughout the time.

After becoming famous on Tiktok, Liza Anokhina started getting endorsements, sponsored posts, brand deals, and other types of earning opportunities. Meanwhile, her YouTube channel has grown so well that she also started making from the ad revenue.

Currently, she is planning to push it further on and make her name to the Television industry. She is already working hard to push her following and get a better opportunity for that purpose.

Liza Anokhina

Facts about Liza Anokhina

  • Michael Jackson was her favorite dancer and singer.
  • Kristina Asmus is her favorite actress from Russia.
  • Maksim Matveyev is her favorite actor from Russia.
  • Traveling and photography are her favorite hobbies.
  • Liza Anokhina all-time favorite holiday traveling destination is the USA.
  • She is an avid pet lover.Liza Anokhina with her Pet Dog


Liza Anokhina is only 14 years old. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that she is involved in any controversial situation. It would be possible due to her age, but the chances are higher that she focuses solely on her career and doesn’t want to let her positive image to waste at this age.

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